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# Copyright (c) 2013-2014 by pyramid_localize authors and contributors <see AUTHORS file>
# This module is part of pyramid_localize and is released under
# the MIT License (MIT):
"""methods in this module are tools, thank to which pyramid_localize works most of its magic."""

import sys
import os
import logging

from translationstring import _interp_regex
from pyramid.i18n import make_localizer
from pyramid.i18n import TranslationString
from pyramid.asset import resolve_asset_spec
from pyramid.path import package_path
from pyramid.interfaces import ILocalizer
from pyramid.interfaces import ITranslationDirectories
from pyramid.compat import text_type

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def set_localizer(request, reset=False): """ Set localizer and auto_translate methods for request. :param pyramid.request.Request request: request object :param bool reset: flag that directs resetting localizer within app """ if reset: for locale in request.registry['config'].localize.locales.available: log.debug('Resetting %s localizator', locale) tdirs = request.registry.queryUtility(ITranslationDirectories, default=[]) localizer = make_localizer(locale, tdirs) request.registry.registerUtility(localizer, ILocalizer, name=locale) def auto_translate(*args, **kwargs): # lets pass default domain, so we don't have to determine it with # each _() function in apps. if len(args) <= 1 and 'domain' not in kwargs: kwargs['domain'] = request.registry['config'].localize.domain # unlike in examples we use TranslationString, to make sure we always # use appropriate domain return request.localizer.translate(TranslationString(*args, **kwargs)) request._ = auto_translate
[docs]def destination_path(request): """ Return absolute path of the translation destination. :param pyramid.request.Request request: a request object :returns: A combined translation destination path :rtype: str """ package_name, filename = resolve_asset_spec( request.registry['config'].localize.translation.destination ) if package_name is None: # absolute filename directory = filename else: __import__(package_name) package = sys.modules[package_name] directory = os.path.join(package_path(package), filename) return directory
[docs]def dummy_autotranslate( msgid, domain=None, default=None, mapping=None ): # pylint:disable=unused-argument """ Simulate autotranslate. :param str msgid: Message or message id :param str domain: Translation domain :param str default: Default message :param dict mapping: Mapping dictionary for message variables :returns: *translated* string :rtype: str """ # Try to return defaults first: tstr = None if default: tstr = default else: tstr = msgid if mapping and tstr: def replace(match): whole, param1, param2 = match.groups() return text_type(mapping.get(param1 or param2, whole)) tstr = _interp_regex.sub(replace, tstr) return tstr