Localized URLs

pyramid_localize allows to include locale definition inside routes. In order to utilise this functionality, your request factory, have to inherit LocalizeRequestMixin, and your routes, you wish to localise should include a _LOCALE_ parameter. You can pass it to route_url, but if you do not, this mixin will set it to current locale, making sure, it’s always set. locale_negotiator() set by pyramid_localize will take route locale in before any other possibility.


Web API is a collection of actions used to work on translations files.

At the moment, it includes loading them into application, creating /updating catalogues for all available translations, compiling, and reloading translations without the need to restart application.

Lists of actions per their route names:

  • localize:index action, lists all configured translation domains, and it’s file along with data such as modification date. See index().
  • localize:update action, updates all .po files from respective .pot’s, and if needed initializes them. See update_catalogue().
  • localize:compile action, compiles all .po translation files into .mo used by gettext to serve translations on your site. See compile_catalogue().
  • localize:reload action is more like an example action, but still usable. Reloads translation catalogues for application. See reload_catalogue().